MEMBERS ... welcome back!

Now having been open since August 16th, we are unfreezing all members unless you have already been in contact with us about freezing into the new year.

Please note: we are running 3 sessions per day each with different length tickets within the session (to help stagger entry). This system is designed to manage the numbers in the play barn and also to allow us space and time to clean. Our priority is to keep all staff and customers safe so please respect the staff's requests regarding timings, safety and behaviour. Tickets are limited for each session but we are constantly reviewing the number available, within our capacity limits, to meet demand.

Terms and Procedures:

1) Extension due to lock-down. As standard, we will add 5 months 2 weeks to the ORIGINAL EXPIRY DATE of any card that was still valid on the 20th March, the day we closed. Note: if you chose to unfreeze following our first renewal email on 20th August or have visited in August then you will have the slightly shorter period of 5 months added. If in doubt, email us and we will give you your new expiry date.

2) You book a slot for your members and all accompanying adults. This may be a 2.5hr, 2hr or 1.5hr ticket. Adults will be charged £2 which is a booking fee but this is exchangeable for a drink, slush or ice cream to similar value once inside the play barn (must be exchanged on the day). This system is not intended to make us money but is designed to protect you as it deters other members blanket booking completely free slots that they may not actually use. We are asking for this small "down payment" which is refunded when you arrive through the cafe voucher.

3) Booking Limitations and Procedures

We ask for these courtesies, to us, and to your fellow members. While we don't wish to make these requests "rules", we will refreeze a member if they repeatedly do any of the following:

Please don't blanket book slots which then aren't used so become no-shows and lost to other members.

Please don't book more than three visits in a seven day period.

Please don't book for non-members of other families on the member portal. If you have an additional family member without a card, please don't add them, just bring them on the day and pay for them at the door. However; if you are coming with non member friends then they MUST book separately on the standard calendar from our home page.

THE BIG PLAY BARN is on the same site as The Children's Farm
Ash End, Middleton Lane, Middleton, Nr. Tamworth, Staffs, B78 2BL, 0121 329 3388